What is a Momshell?? Popular

The latest….a new word to describe the “mom” and it is, according to MSN and Wonderwall, a MOMSHELL. What is a momshell, you might ask?? Well, dear diary, it is

It doesn’t matter what you do…just do it with your kids!

Here is a suggestion to raising a great kid…..spend time with her/him. With life so full of over-scheduling and running at the speed of sound, we often forget that what

Summer is Near!

As we welcome the start of the summer season I look forward to sharing the many ways I have learned to be a better and calmer mother. I have spent

Cupcakes…my newest obsession!

Cupcakes…my newest obsession! Popular

I have been in love with many cute things in the past….pet rocks and beanie babies with my son, Dante… webkins, sillybands and pillow pets with my daughter, Gabriella …but

HollywoodMom has lunch with Natalie Portman

HollywoodMom has lunch with Natalie Portman Popular

As part of the Academy Awards celebration festivities I, along with my husband Chazz, had the pleasure of having an pre -Oscar lunch with HollywoodMom-to-be, Natalie Portman. The honor was

We Celebrate Dove + MOM 2.0 SUMMIT = Girls Unstoppable

We Celebrate Dove + MOM 2.0 SUMMIT = Girls Unstoppable Popular

Every year for the past 5 years moms have been getting together in beautiful resorts in amazing locations to celebrate each other. It’s called the MOM 2.0 SUMMIT and to

The Reality of Eating Disorders

The Reality of Eating Disorders Popular

Sharing some advice from the leading Doctor at The Child Mind Institute Living the Hollywood life isn’t all fun and games, even though the the media paints such a pretty

HollywoodMom knows Taste Makers

HollywoodMom knows Taste Makers Popular

Last weekend I had the pleasure of showing off our restaurant, Chazz’s – A Bronx Original on the tv show, Taste Makers. Chazz and I drove to Baltimore, where our

A Gardening Fetish

For many of us a garden represents luxury and beauty. That garden from the South of France from the pages of Homes and Gardens may seem out of reach…but think

Keeping the Arts in Education

Keeping the Arts in Education

Everyone asks me what is my secret for having (knock on wood here) such hard working and successful children. Both my son and daughter are involved in theatre and are