Keeping the Arts in Education

Keeping the Arts in Education

Keeping the Arts in Education

Everyone asks me what is my secret for having (knock on wood here) such hard working and successful children.

Both my son and daughter are involved in theatre and are pursuing careers in the entertainment business at an early age.

When my son was freshman in high school 2 years ago many of his friends found time on Friday and Saturday nights to get together and look for ways to entertain themselves. That word ‘entertain’ has very loose meaning, btw. Too much down time at a very critical age in my opinion…

What kept my son busy on weekends and kept us bonded as a family was our love and commitment to theatre, music and good old rock-n-roll. I found a music teacher who worked with me and taught my son music theory, guitar, song writing. My son put a band together with other focused students and have been in rock bliss ever since. They are a real band, KAYMUS and have recorded their original songs and toured on Camplified and Bamboozle’s The Break. tours.

My daughter Gabriella has been performing in theatre arts since she was 5 and has been rising within the ranks in the New York Theatre community. This year she performed in an off-Broadway production of Oliver! and is up for a part on Broadway.

The facts are in…..we need the arts to be kept in education ….there is too much to loose when we ignore our children’s many talents.

Keeping them busy with music and theatre and the arts in general is a great way to keep out kids out of trouble!!
This month the U.S. House of Representatives proposed slashing the budget for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) in half. Show your outrage. Fight back.

Write. Tweet. Do anything you can. Its the mothers who will save our children!

Tweet this:
U.S. House Subcommittee Votes to Slash Arts Funding. Let Your Voice Be Heard – Arts Matter. @TheCreativeC

Gianna Palminteri

Gianna Palminteri

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